Dog Daycare
"A tired dog is a happy dog." – there is no more accurate saying!

Everybody knows about importance of canine exercising. Dog daycare might be an excellent solution for busy owners.

Pet Village Dog Daycare provide:

  • Safe and supervised play. Daycare dogs are closely monitored while they play, to ensure every dog has fun and stays safe.
  • Mental stimulation and social contact. Dogs are social creatures. Meeting up with doggy friends, even one day a week allows them as much (or as little) social interaction as they need.
  • Flexibility for owners. We offer a full-day or half-day daycare, making it an ideal solution for people with odd work schedules or occasional dog care needs.
  • Management for problem behaviors. Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety, become destructive and physically ill during an owner's absence. Being surrounded by dogs and people can help to mitigate these issues

  • 1 full day $40
  • 1 half day $30

  • 5-day pass: $190
  • 10-day pass: $360
  • 20-day pass: $680
  • 30-day pass: $960

*Passes expire 1 year from purchase

**HST not included in price

***No transferable or resale
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